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We’ve moved Pellet source code to Github and it’s a good thing, too.

Pellet 2.3.1 was released last week; it primarily updated some dependencies, i.e., recent versions of Jena and OWLAPI. That’s useful if you’re using Pellet. But what’s even more useful is that we’ve now successfully migrated Pellet source code to Github.

What does this mean for you? It means that if you’re a Pellet developer, you can build, fork, contribute, improve, or otherwise modify Pellet source code—within the bounds of its AGPL terms—to your heart’s content.

The important point here is that the community can take charge of Pellet and move it in the directions it needs to go, independent of us having cycles to work on it directly or in response to community needs.

We internally forked Pellet last year and have developed an (otherwise unreleased) Pellet 3.0 which is embedded in Stardog. If you need Pellet support commercially, it’s going to be easiest for everyone to get it from us via Stardog.

But for those of you doing academic research, open source development, or any other activity for which an open source Pellet is useful, Github is the perfect solution.

Fork early, fork often!

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