Empire 0.5

We’re pleased to announce the release of Empire 0.5, an implementation of JPA that’s backed by an RDF triplestore via SPARQL or SeRQL. Empire supports Sesame 1.x, Jena, and 4Store. We’ve released the source code at GitHub under Apache 2 License. Some documentation is included; there’s a FAQ; and also some examples of how to use Empire in a JPA app. Questions about Empire should go to the mailing list.

We also released a Java 4Store API that we developed while working on Empire; it’s also at GitHub under the Apache 2 License. Lastly, we released a common utility library and a set of Sesame API utility classes. Empire depends on both of these libs and we’ve used them on various other projects.

All of this code is Apache 2 licensed and available on Github so: fork away.


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